There are three roles within Rever’s platform:

  • Author

  • Coach

  • Collaborator

Let’s dive into each of these:

The Author is the person who identifies a problem or improvement area. The user creates a Quick Action and proposes an enhancement. An Author can be anyone in the organization with an idea to share.

Given that the Author is an expert in their role and processes, they are empowered to innovate by experimenting with changes that will improve the job.

The Coach is the individual who guides, mentors and connects Users as they complete Revs. The Coach is vital in encouraging adoption and promoting a continuous improvement culture.

Collaborators are team members who help or participate in the implementation of a Rev. Collaborators can play a key role in the success of an idea. They typically help come up with an idea or engineer a solution.

As a Coach and Collaborators are added to Revs, notifications are delivered so that communication and collaboration can happen within or outside of the Rever application.

The Collaborators, Coach, and Author can edit the content of a Rev for easy and simple teamwork.

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