1. Check Rever at least every other day, so you are aware of any new Revs that have been added.

Notifications > “You have been added as a Coach”

2. Get in touch with idea authors when you notice a new Rev. Read about what is happening and leave a comment either:

a) Encouraging the team to go down the suggested path

b) Offering guidance or

c) Suggesting that you discuss more in person

Rev > Comment

3. Connect the team: help the owner identify and invite team collaborators who can help leverage their expertise to help design and execute their Rev.

Rev > Add Collaborators

4. Validate the Rev: once a team has said that an experiment has been completed, verify that the implementation is complete and review the impact on the company.

Rev > Validate

5. Spread and scale good ideas: when Revs have the potential to impact other areas of the business, highlight and share them with other users. Spread good ideas!

Rev > Share idea

6. Promote Rever: help users as they learn how to do Revs. As a Coach, you should help train and onboard your team. This may take some active encouragement. As with any new tool, adoption often requires leadership support and culture change. Adoption is key to unlocking your teams’ ideas and Rever’s potential.

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