What is the Intracompany Idea Suggestion?

The Intracompany Idea Suggestion is a process where Rever's artificial intelligence (AI) engine analyzes ideas across an entire company and its multiple sites, and shares that information to users at different sites. This sharing of best practices allows ideas to cross-pollinate across an organization and inspire new improvement ideas, share what actions are being implemented in other sites, and allows for quick and easy re-implementation of an existing idea with full recognition of the efforts to the original idea owner and re-implementation owner.

How does it work?

This information is sent via a personalized email within the first ten days of each month. You will only receive the email if our AI engine identifies that the suggestions matches your profile characteristics.

What information does it contain?

  • Suggested Revs

  • Highlighted Revs

  • Revs by Category

  • Revs by Economic Impacts

What do I need to do to receive it?

  • Your organization must have at least two available sites

  • A corporate email is required to receive this information

  • Notifications must be active. How to activate my notifications?

Here is what an Intracompany Idea Suggestion email looks like:

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