If you want to obtain all the information captured in your Revs, Challenges, and Users, you can get it in different downloadable reports available for Champions and Coaches.

These are the reports you can get:

  • Improvement Ideas Revs
  • Quick Action Revs
  • Problem Solving Revs
  • Challenges
  • Users

Each of these reports shows the information captured within the Sites and dates you choose in a .xlsx format.

Note: These reports may or may not be available depending on your organization's plan.

Follow these simple steps to download a report:

  1. Go to Dashboard
  2. Select the filters you want (Business Unit, Country, Site, etc.)
  3. Choose a date range
  4. Click on Download report
  5. Select the report you want to obtain
  6. Done!, the report will be downloaded into your pc

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