When you create an organization in Rever, one of the first steps is that the Organization Administrator selects the Global Currency. Changing Global Currency after the initial selection is not possible.

If you are in an Enterprise plan, you can add Multi-Currency and select unique currencies for different sites. Using Multi-Currency will allow your teams to use their local currency while creating a Rev.

When working with Multi-Currency, you can set the exchange rates as needed. To set the exchange rate, you will select the exchange rate as it relates to the selected Global Currency.

For example, if the Global Currency of your organization is in USD, and you want to set the exchange rate for a particular site is using MXN. You need to take the price of 1 unit of the Global currency and convert it into the value of one country's currency in relation to another currency.

e.g. Each US$1 will be exchanged for MXN$21

Follow these steps to enable local currencies:

  1. Access to your profile.
  2. Go to "Organization settings."
  3. Click on "Currency"
  4. Choose the Exchange Rate for each available site currency.
  5. Click on "Add Currency."

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