Shared devices for your employees are a great tool to help maintain safety and the security of employees and to monitor usage. Below are some recommendations on how to use shared devices in your facility.


Tablets per user:

  1. Minimum of one device per 30 each user or one device per area.

Location of tablets

  1. Place devices in an accessible and visible place such as beside kiosks, close to an area's entrance or in a central area such as the lunch or break room.

  2. Place shared devices in a tool check out program to easily track usage and for the devices to be charged.


  1. Keep the device located near a plug.

  2. Invite your team to keep the device connected to the charger when it is not in use.


Device Hygiene (COVID prevention):

  1. Place device in a protective case (and one that is easy to clean).

  2. Keep the devices in a controlled area with cleaning tools near.

  3. Add a reminder for users to clean the device before and after using them.

  4. Reduce device transportation. Keep it in a well defined area to keep control and reduce risk.

  5. Invite users to use a single tablet. Using multiple tablets and movement increases the safety risks.


IT requirements:

  1. Involve your IT department in the selection and purchase of your shared devices.

Device Security:

  1. Add a unique label or sticker to the device. This will allow you to easily identify shared devices and reduce the risk of them being stolen.

  2. Consider adding a device management system that allows you to track the device and control the configuration.

Data Security:

  1. Reduce functionality in the devices to allow users only to use what they need.

  2. Always connect the devices to a safe network.

  3. When used in poor connectivity environments, consider data plans to keep your users enabled. Rever is always available offline.

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