Rever provides different experiences depending on the role of users


Individual contributors at the frontline.

Creators of the small and big ideas are those who have the power to detect and improve the work environment.


Managers/Supervisors working with teams of individual contributors to help them to fix issues, implement ideas, and solve problems.

The Coach is the individual who guides, mentors, and connects Users as they complete Revs. The Coach is vital in encouraging adoption and promoting a continuous improvement culture.

The primary function of a Coach in Rever is to be the guide that will help users carry out their ideas, in addition to having access to validate those Revs, and to be able to add new users to the platform.

Financial Coach

Managers/Supervisors with finance or accounting responsibilities to validate the financial impact of Revs.

Analyze and detect those economic impacts that Users have captured in their Revs.

Site Admin

Individuals responsible for configuring the Rever instance. The most expert in Rever features and capabilities.

They can configure and manage at the Site level, edit Revs, users, etc.

Organization Admin

Same as Site Admin, with the additional responsibility of managing the organizational structure.

Actions that can be performed depending on the role:

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