Communication is essential as you launch your operational excellence/ continuous improvement or lean program within your organization. Outlined below are a few best practices for communicating internally.

1) Introductory Sessions

Objective: To inform the staff (Management and Leadership team) about Rever's initiative in your organization.


  • Schedule a 30 min conversation

  • Communicate about Rever and align on Goals and expectations

  • Communicate the use case of Rever in the daily operations

2) Training Sessions

Objective: These are critical as you roll out the Rever platform to your employees. Don't reinvent the wheel!, you can use Rever's training material that we have developed. Here you will find the material


  • Schedule a 30 min - 1 hr training session with each team

  • Train the teams on the usage of the Rever platform

  • Ensure everyone does the first Login

  • Communicate the use case of Rever in their daily operations

3) Marketing

Objective: Provide awareness and clarity about Rever as a new tool in your organization.

To make available information material about Rever provide the employees with links to the online material or place hard copies of material in common areas.

Types of material:

  • Posters

  • Microperforated for crystals and doors

  • Informative videos

  • Inspirational videos

Here you will find the material we have prepared for you

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