Communication is essential as you launch your operational excellence/ continuous improvement or lean program within your organization. Outlined below are a few best practices for communicating internally.

1) Introductory Sessions

Objective: To inform the staff about Rever's initiative in your organization, we recommend that you do it via video conferencing.


  • Ability to communicate with more people in a shorter period.

2) Training Sessions

Objective: These are critical as you roll out the Rever platform to your employees. Don't reinvent the wheel!, you can use Rever's training material that we have developed.


  • The communication is more personalized for your employees
  • The attendees have the opportunity to interact with Rever (download it and start using it).

3) Marketing

Objective: To make available informative material about Rever provide the employees with links to the online material or place hard copies of material in common areas.

Types of material:

  • Posters
  • Microperforated for crystals and doors
  • Informative videos
  • Inspirational videos
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