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Rever's built-in Webhooks is a way to receive automated data updates to your server(s) and data systems. Think of them as subscribing to an automated message system that informs your systems when an event happens in your Rever platform.

By sharing an HTTP URL from your in-house system and registering it in your Rever settings, using our web platform you can enable Rever to notify your systems about data generated in Rever. With Webhooks, you determine what to do with that data as it depends on your use case and system.

It is important to highlight that sharing URLs to support incoming Webhooks notifications, could be easier on some systems than in others. This task is usually performed by an IT team who can help integrate the incoming data to optimize the solution.

Initially, the automated information supported to integrate with other systems include:

  • Create Rev

  • Update Rev

  • Validate Rev

This information can help feed information in other systems such as maintenance order forms, financial validation forms, etc.

A key element of the Webhooks solution is to provide you with ample information regarding the request status of each Webhook created or event-triggered. This data will make it easier to troubleshoot connections between Rever Webhooks and your system(s).

Contact your Customer Success Manager for more information and to explore the possibilities.

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