Now we will get your Rever instance live. Critical to this stage is to fulfill all IT requirements, as well as map your organization, and add your users to Rever. Here are the next steps:

  1. IT Requirements (IT Forms & devices)

  2. Organization Structure & User Management

  3. Select Platform Preferences

  4. Complete Microsoft Azure Integration [Optional]

1. IT Requirements

Confirm Requirements with IT & Security

Share the following with your IT and Security teams. This is critical to ensure your systems and policies will support Rever. These are the key documents to review:

User Access to Rever - Devices

Determine how users will access the Rever platform. There are two options:

  1. smartphone/tablet

  2. desktop/laptop.

If smartphone/tablet: Will you allow employees to use personal smartphones and tablets, or will your company provide shared devices?

Important information regarding devices::

2. Organization Structure & User Management

Organizational Structure

We will create an organization within Rever to best simulate your company organizational structure. This will be the foundations for your users, teams, and reporting.

  • Click here to learn about how you can align your organizational structure within the Rever platform.

  • Click here to set up your organization's structure and determine your locations, departments, and teams (tags) that will participate in the program.

User Management

Once the organization is created, you can start adding users to Rever. Here is some important information regarding this process. If you are adding users in bulk, we will work with you to help.

3. Select Platform Preferences

Rever offers a variety of preferences and setting to configure your Rever instance for your company. See the following articles for more information.

4. [Optional] Complete Microsoft Azure Integration

Rever can integration with Microsoft tools including Microsoft Azure Storage, Active Directory and Single Sign On. Learn more here.

Once you are done with these steps, you can move to the next stage: Implementation.

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