Welcome to Rever! Your journey starts here. Your Customer Success Manager (CSM) will work closely with you through the Deployment process and answer any questions you may have. They can also share some best practices about implementing Rever. So let's get started.

In the Scope Stage you will outline your program goals, implementation timeline, and define key metrics to monitor. Here are the the steps:

  1. Define what success looks like for you

  2. Complete your Program Charter

1. Define what success looks like for your company.

We want you to be successful. To understand your current situation, your organization's goals, and determine which key metrics to monitor we ask you to fill in the following survey.

2. Complete and agree upon Program Charter

After the survey, the Rever team will work with you to complete a Program Charter which will provide all the details of your Rever program. Key data points include:

  • Contract Dates

  • Success Metrics

  • Key Participants

  • Scope

The Scope stage is complete, when Rever Program Charter is completed and everyone is agreed in the charter.

To view the Program Charter template, click here.

Once you finish this stage, you can move to the next stage: Set-Up.

Learn more about our Customer Support team and how they can help support you.

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