Time to launch Rever. To ensure your successful implementation we will work with you to train users in how to use Rever, provide you with the needed materials, and help you gain momentum.

The following steps will guide you through a successful Rever implementation.

  1. Conduct User Training

  2. Access Best Practices

1. Conduct User Training

Training is key to increasing adoption of your initiative. Rever suggests the following training sessions:

  • Adminstrator training - in-depth administrator, manager, and user training (done by Rever CSM and can be combined with Coaches training)

  • Coaches training - in-depth manager and user training (done by Rever CSM, or by trained Champions)

  • End user training - basic for users (done by the trained Coaches or Champions)

To download the training materials click below:

2. Access Best Practices

There are a variety of articles and best practices available to you to help you understand and further your knowledge of Rever. As you get started, take a look at the following articles to help strengthen your knowledge of Rever.

You are now up and running with Rever. Congratulations.

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