Once you are up-and-running, we want to make sure you continue to drive a successful program and get the most from your Rever investment by doing the following:

  1. Track Metrics

  2. Monitor Performance

  3. Increase Adoption

1. Track Metrics

Real-time insights in your program activity - users, revs, and performance impact.

Additional weekly summary reports for you:

Custom Activity & Engagement Surveys.

  • We can work with you to launch surveys to gather additional data to evaluate your organization's activity and satisfaction. (example - Net Promoter Score (NPS), Employee Satisfaction)

2. Monitor Performance

We will work with you to drive progress towards your organizational goals. Shortly after implementation is complete, your CSM will coordinate the following:

  • Cadence for check-ins, and formal business reviews

  • Our Customer Satisfaction Surveys cadence

3. Increase Adoption

We will help you drive a variety of programs, including:

  • Communicate, communicate and communicate the Rever program

  • Deliver additional Trainings (Office Hours, New Product Features, New Users)

  • Recognize your people

Recognition is a critical part to the success of your operational excellence program. We believe in creating a formal recognition program and have gathered some best practices.

Congratulations, you and your teams are on your way to realizing operational excellence!

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