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What is Problem Solving?

DMAIC: A Standard Problem Solving Methodology

Rever Adoption of DMAIC

How to create a Problem Solving Rev?

Problem Solving points

What is Problem Solving?

It is a Rev that allows you to make a clear and detailed definition of the problem and solution, analyze the potential root causes, and address them with both corrective and preventive actions.

DMAIC: A Standard Problem Solving Methodology

Guided Workflow of 5-step Improvement Cycle for Everyone


  • Simple and accessible for everyone

  • Drive a data-driven improvement process

  • Ensure a consistent process with deep analysis

  • Apply to a wide variety of problems


  • Anyone with a PC across the organization has access

  • Guided workflow through the entire process

  • Create virtual teams to collaborate

  • Real-time insights and share learnings across the company

  • Track impact on operational performance

  • Complements Rever’s Innovation and Quick Fix

Rever Adoption of DMAIC

Problem Solving Rev flow

Changes to the Rever Problem Solving Flow

Additional tools included to help you during the creation of your Problem Solving Rev

  • 5W2H: For a more robust problem statement you can use our 5W2H tool on the "Define stage". It will help you as an information-gathering technique when seeking to understand the problem.

  • Gaps Analysis Tool: With our Gap Analysis Tool you can compare your existing situation to your ideal situation, then create a series of actions that will bridge the identified gap.

Get started today

  • Make it easy for everyone to access and follow the DMAIC methodology

  • Incorporate problem solving with your innovation and issue resolution programs

  • Digitize and centralize your information to real-time analysis, reporting, and insights

  • Recognize those that are contributing to your program and elevating operational performance

How to create a Problem Solving Rev?

Stages and Definitions

In the Stream click on "Create"

Tap "Problem Solving"

Add your team before completing the first stage.

1- Define

Define the problem by selecting the most critical and impactful opportunities for improvement. You can add pictures and use our 5W2H and Gap Analysis tools which help you find loose ends in your process. Add up to five photos as evidence on Problem Statement and Containment Plan.

5W2H Tool

Gap Analysis tool

2- Measure

Quantify the problem by developing a data collection plan and identifying the processes and output metrics. Also, you can upload your file as additional material. Add up to five pictures.

3- Analyze
Identify all the root causes of variation and poor performance that could explain why the problem occurred.

Identify up to 4 root causes of the problem and describe them. If you captured some Gaps, you could use them to identify them quickly by clicking on "View identified Gaps."

4- Improve/Control


Describe the corrective actions to find a solution to all the root causes identified.

You can add evidence with a photograph to compliment your stage.


Verify that the corrective action solves the problem and prevents the issue repeats in the future.

Did the corrective action solve the root cause?

Final Solution

Verify that the corrective action solves the problem and prevents the issue repeats in the future. Add up to five pictures if you want.

If everything is finished, don't forget to mark your Rev as completed.

5- Review

Capture the benefits and economic impacts that this Rev generated.

¡Congratulations! You have completed your Problem Solving Rev.

Problem Solving points

When capturing a Problem Solving Rev you get points, depending on the progress of your idea. Remember, your participation on Revs an Author, Coach or Collaborator, helps you earn points.

In a Resolution, you can get up to 240 points if all options have been completed.

Define 19 points

  • Add descriptions: "Problem Statement, Containment Plan,
    Goal Statement, Business Case" 10 points

  • Add photo: Problem Statement 3 points

  • Add photo: Containment Plan 3 points

  • Add "Categories" 3 points

Analyze 50 points.

  • Add one or up to 3 root causes 50 points

Improve/Control 106 points

  • Attach evidence of the corrective action 6 points

  • Mark the Problem Solving as Completed 100 points

Review. 15 points

  • Add "What's the cost of this problem?" 5 points

  • Add "What's the investment to solve it?" 5 points

  • Add "How are you calculating the impact?" 5 points

  • Add "Categories" and get 3 points (Already located at the first stage Definition)

Validation. 50 points

  • If the Coach you added validates your Rev, you can earn 50 points

Like. 1 point

With every like, your Rev gets 1 point.

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