Do you need some inspiration to launch new Challenges? Look at this list of Challenges, organized by recurring business problems.

The 8 Wastes of Lean

1. Defects

  • Reduce scrap of line X by Y%.

  • Eliminate unnecessary things on your workstation by applying 5'S principles.

  • Propose ideas to improve autonomous maintenance.

2. Overproduction

  • Generate ideas to increase communication between teams.

  • Reduce setup time of process X by Y%.

  • Propose poka-yoke mechanisms to reduce setup time of line X.

3. Waiting

  • Increase throughput of line X by Y%.

  • Improve fill-rate of X material to avoid downtimes on process Y.

  • Eliminate mechanical failures of process X.

4. Non-Utilized Talent

  • Eliminate downtime in line X.

  • Propose ideas to improve our work environment.

  • Propose ideas to increase employee engagement in their work.

5. Transportation

  • Reduce movements of parts inside the plant.

  • Find local suppliers for material X.

  • Increase continuous flow processing.

6. Inventory

  • Improve forecast accuracy of product X by Y%.

  • Apply Kanban principles on the site.

  • Implement ideas to increase communication between Sales and Production.

7. Motion

  • Improve the visual administration of your site.

  • Increase the ergonomics of your workstation.

  • Reduce loading and unloading times in the Logistics Department.

8. Excess Processing (Over-Processing)

  • Eliminate all unnecessary activities of your processes.

  • Reduce water consumption of the site by X%.

  • Reduce energy consumption of the site by X%.

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