A new way to improve the Supply Chain.

When you think about Continuous Improvement programs, Supply Chain might not be the first department you might think about, however one our customer put this belief to the test by implementing Rever in their Distribution Centers. The benefits were seen immediately with neat shop street and by having all projects that are being worked on, as well as future ideas, logged and tracked in one location.

Engaging people by recognizing their work.

There are times when business problems can be solved with simple yet powerful human subtleties. That's what happened to one of our customer who decided to implement a recognition system based in the best Revs proposed and by the most active participants. By rewarding people with certifications and gift cards, handled by one of the Directors, people felt more appreciated, which was reflected in engagement and employee satisfaction metrics.

Elevating the quality system of your organization.

Nowadays, it is easy to visualize the benefits that technology has brought to our daily communication. However, in a business environment this constant and informal communication can generate disorder and lack of alignment with the overall strategy of the company. This situation was experienced by one of our clients, who used to record all the quality incidents found in their processes, through a text messaging service. By implementing Rever, they were able to standardize the quality anomaly detection process in a simple and centralized way, which generated greater organization and more efficient workflows.

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