Rever operational routines will allow you to conduct routines such as 5's audits, Gemba walks, maintenance tasks, and other routines in an easy and fast way. With his new feature you will:

  • Capture standard actions to be taken (Mobile only)

  • Describe exceptions and opportunities to solve

  • Capture evidence

  • Assign to responsible individual/team

To create a routine you can do the following steps:

1. Create and access your routine.

2. Add findings to routine.

3. Assign and detail the findings.

4. Address the finding

5. Visualize progress on actions

6. FAQ

1. Create and access your routine

Routines group the findings of your Gemba, 5S audit, etc.

2. Add findings to routine

Fast and simple capture of deviations or opportunities

3. Assign and detail the findings

Assign, add due-dates and picture

4. Address the finding

Assignees can easily capture the final solution to solve finding

5. Visualize progress on actions

Easily view them in a list in both Web and Mobile


  • Who has access to this new feature?
    Only participants included by your Site administrator. To add more participants please just send an email to and we will help you.

  • Who can create a routine?
    Coaches and admins in Rever

  • Who can address a finding?
    Any participant can address a finding

  • Where can I find the findings that are pending?
    In the Home section in mobile or in the Findings section in Web you will find a list of any pending finding at your site.

  • Can I assign findings to people who are not participating in the trial?
    Technically you can, they will get a notification but they will not be able to access the feature. If you want them to have access please let us know at and we will help you.

  • What notifications will participants receive?
    Users will be notified when a finding is assigned to them.

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