With the Site Tags Report, you can see all the Revs related to their Sites Tags by Parent tags or Site tags in the period you choose.

Follow these steps to access:

1. Go to the Insights section

2. Select "Site Tags" report

3. Choose the timeframe (dates) you want to see

4. Select the localization of the Revs

Site Tags

Area with most Revs & Total Revs created

Here you will find the area with the most Revs created in the period you chose and the total of Revs created by all the areas.

Created Breakdown by Area

All the created Revs by area, segmented by Revs created, completed, potential impact, financially validated and validated impact.

Breakdown by Type

All the Revs created by type (Improvement Idea, Quick Action, and Problem Solving.)

Created Breakdown by Product

In the final chart, you will find the Revs created of Product type by Idea of Improvement, Correction, and Problem Resolution.

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