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Creating a Team

Teams and Activity

Managing a Team

Teams in Stream and Explore

Teams in Revs

Teams come in formal organizations, temporary groups, and adhoc tiger teams. Rever’s new Teams feature allows you to activate teams across your organization, empower team leaders to drive performance in their teams, and report on team activities.


  • Create and manage Teams across your organization

  • Assign a Team Leader to manage the Team

  • View Revs, Activities, and Impact by Team

  • Team Insights Report

Creating a Team

Available only in Web for Organization Administrators (Champions)

  • Go to Settings and select "Teams"

  • Create your Team Name

  • Select one Team Leader

  • Save changes

  • You can edit Teams any time

  • Add team members

Teams and Activity

Available in Web and Mobile

  • All team members have access to a section called Teams

  • In Teams, they can see who belongs to their team and the status of each member (Invited or Joined Rever)

All team members can also see their team’s activity which takes them to the Stream with a filter of Revs in Progress of their team



Managing a team

Available in Web and Mobile for Team Leaders

Manage a team includes adding and removing team members; it does not include creating new teams or changing the team name. A new Teams page is available for all users (Independent from Settings)

Teams in Stream and Explore

  • All team members can access through Stream, Explore, Teams Carousel in Home or Teams

  • Stream in the web has now two new filters

    • Teams (List of existing teams)

    • My Teams (All the teams you are part of)

    If you select any of those filters, we show all the Revs where at least one team member is part of the Rev team. (For a specific team or all teams you are part of)

  • When accessing from Teams, the filter has also a filter by In Progress, creating a direct view to the pending Revs of the selected team

  • In mobile, you can find the same filters but applied to all Revs or only Revs of all the Teams you are part of

Teams in Revs

It's easier to add your collaborators to your Revs; if you belong to one or more Teams, the user list when you want to add a collaborator will show the people in those Teams as default. In case you do not belong to any Team, the user list will remain to show users from your Site. Also, you can always search for any Users from other Teams or Sites.



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